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Report from Nuba mountains

for Slovenian newspaper Delo - Sobotna priloga, 9. July 2011

Kauda, 22. June 2011, about 16.00 pm

Antonov in the sky!

I was hastly taping intevju with SPLA leader Abdel Aziz, when everybody at once started moving fast. As always we run madely thrue the fence of NRRDO compound into the first dry riwer bed and lie down. As every time I filmed man looking intensely in the sky, mothers craying, children cudling each other in the greath fear ...

Machine gon. And then return. Then at once we hear that horible sssshhhhhhh ... and then booomm ....

So close, that it was clear imideately – this time they targeting us. Compound of Nuba Relief Rehabilitation Development Organisation – indigenious humanitarian organisation.

Seven bombs, seven enjured. Four kids, two man, ... and one woman.

And one woman ... … killed!

A nine month pregnant woman!

Fawsia Kalon Kuku died under the tree about hundreth meter from the kitchen in NRRDO where I was writting hoping that this mayd be the first day withnout bombs. They call me to film parts of human flesh hanging on guma arabica tree. Boys with sticks colecting peaces of her mead into blue plastic bag. Then they take the bag and guide up terased hill to the rocky thached home, from where the greath cry was echoing. Woman of all eges screemed, theared hears, throw them self in the sand. They try to enter closed door … but the man did not alowed. One of them, a husband, took me for hand, pushed mourning woman gently away and pulled me inside humble grass hut. There she was -wraped in white coton, sunk in blood, with no head, just some wonderfully knited Tira style frisure ...

"See? Now you know? Will you tell to the world?

Then from all sides starts comming man in greath stress - with pictures and footages from the another day of air maatacks all over the mountains.


23. June 2011, cave full of victims somwhere in the mountains

Report for the media and public: The sistem of video ground monitoring in local SPLA rebel areas of Nuba Mountains has started this morning. Eleven highly motiveted man divided in fife teams hastly left NRRDO compund in Kauda to the front lines in Kadugli, Kurchi, Talodi,Western Jebels ,Heiban and Delami equiped with ten spy mini video cameras, ten common »turist« cameras, four lap tops and two mobile internet satelita modems, all organised by slovenian based humanitarian organisation HOPE. In the next days they will compet who will send more competent picters and footages of the new war which started on June 6 in to the outside world completely sealed off and besieged South Kordofan.

The aim of project caled by the founding members The Ayes and Hears of God (»becouse god hear and see everything), is to enable international community to see what is going on. And to give proofs that Omar Bashir, president of Sudan and Mohamad Haruon, governer of the province, both accused by International court in Haag to be guilty of four main crimes against humanity genocide included, are laying that in province populated mostly by indigeniouss Africans, who suposed to remanin after separation of South Sudan on July 9 with their traditional anemy, althoug they fight in previous war side by side with southerner SPLA - there is no war in South Kordofan.

In the last weeks more then 50 towns has been bombed, by the words of SPLA komander Abdel Aziz half milijon people has been displaced, nobody know yet how many civilians killed. All international humanitarian agencies left the area. Unmis – United nations mision in Sudan is not capable protecting even them selves. Main batle between Sudan army forces and SPLA rebels is fought in Kadugli - a capital where by the words of escaped Nuba intelectuals, who claimed to be haunted hous by hous and killed even in front of UN compound - breathing is unberable due to roten corpses lying everywhere.

For the Ayes and Ears: Tomo Križnar


26. June 2001, Kauda

It was picture – not number, who call attention. Not data 16 deaths, killed by waterhole and on the market in Kurchi, but blody image, which Ayes and Ears via satelite sended to Klemen Mihelič in Ljubljana, and Klemen forwarded to Julie Flint, and Julie to all the main mainstream media corporations in the world. It was the photograph who turned on the light in the hearth of darkness.

At first you think, that under the tree you are looking a femily in blood. Killed joung woman, mother, cudled by two children – also killed, mutilated as she is. Photograph is not of good quality, has nothing common with National Geographic, local Anus Kuku, did not considered even golden rule, mouldy and stressed … Then you become aware, that you do not look two children, but one … cuted in two peaces ...

Eleven old girl was that afternoon pumping water. African style happy she was jumping and henging her self on the stick of hand pamp, while her mother was cathing water from hose in to plastic conteiner when … rusian Antonov apeared in the sky.

Others was waiting death on nearly empathy market.

27. June 2011.

From all parts of the world well known journalist names are calling. All want to go to Nuba Mountains. But how?

7. July 2011, Juba

Only two days before independency celebrations will starte here in the new capital of the new, state called South Sudan, african people who are cought in besieged Nuba Mountains north of the border with what remain of the old Sudan – are preparing for long bloody war.

Sudanise dictator Omar Hassan al Bashir, declared on referendum days in january, on which 98 procent of voters vote for »freedom«, that in case of separation no mercy will be left for the africans ethnic groups left in the North.

He mean the people who consider them self Africans not only in Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan, but also in the province of Blue Nile and Abyei and ofcourse Darfur.

Anyone I talk in the african communities in the North feels betreyed by theire cofighters against rasizem and hegemony in africas longest and most blody war, as by the whole modern world talking so much about respect, human rights and democracy.

Southern Dinka, Nuer, Shiluk and other commanders of SPLA seating now in comfortable chairs of new Ministerial buildings in Juba seaping bear with economic hit man from all over the world said: you have first to help your self. American government is after their geostrategic interest even under Obama. 27 member countries of European Union are waiting what will Americans do first. And

Arab Legue, China, Russia and other are blocking UN even when they have some good momemts…

Industrialised world do not eat human mead ourdays, we do not need even slaves now, we have machines now, we need only oil for oiling and pushing our machines …

Every day closest to declaration of »new free staate« on July 9 there is more tension, fear and anger in the SPLA liberated lands in Nuba Mountains comanded by Abdel Aziz al Hilo. More and more locals are disapearing from towns. Man are sending their children and wifes up in the caves in the mountains and joining SPLA units all over the place. Chinese made MIG 25 and russian Antonovs are howling and bombarding day by day and giving locals theire iron in the blood stream. It is not easy to walk round so heawy. You can not do much, you can not work much. You feel death is so close. I do understain why they are not planting sorghum as they traditionaly always do this time of the year. Theire is no enough rain this year. Tree times they plant – three times the sprauts died in dry hot black coton soil.

»When we fight, we do not get rain« they told me.

There will be hunger soon. Markets in the vilages are alredy empethy. Most of the shops are closed. Oil is reare, there are no spare parts.

But acces for humanitarian aid is denied. Reagime in Khartoum told UN that will shot down even their airplanes. I am not alowed to tell you how I come in and out.

Situation every day more remember on that in the last war 1985 – 2002.

Nuba resistence against arabisation and sudanisation was and still is unique. There is more then just batle against slavery and the fight for the protection of their good land and water and now more and more oil … It is the batle for the right to be Nuba and the batle to protect the best of human values.

When in eighties Nuba togheter with african tribes in the south of Sudan joined war for the basic human rights against extremist nationalistic politics of the arab elites on the Nile, the counterinsurgency fought by the Government of Sudan against the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) in the Nuba Mountains in central Sudan aimed at depopulating the area of civilians. Not only did the government aim to defeat the SPLA forces but they also intended a wholesale transformation of Nuba society in such a way that its prior identity was destroyed. The campaign was genocidal in intent. The war was notable for attacks on civilian targets with forced displacement, rape and killing. The principal instruments included locally-recruited militia, the regular army and the air force, under the overall coordination of Military Intelligence....

Death squads targeted community leaders in rural areas, while intellectuals in the towns were rounded up by Military Intelligence and 'disappeared.' The government was 'taking the intellectuals, taking the professionals, to ensure that the Nuba were so primitive that they couldn't speak for themselves.'

All should happen in dark. Tiefs and morderers like cover of night.

Now you can not say that you do not know.

This is the diference from the last war.

Becouse now you now and now you can rise voice and demand acces for humanitarian aid and no fly zone for all ecept humanitarian flights.

This is what they are asking us and what they need from us, now.

There are more then two and half milion of them. Some half milion of them are now displaced on the top of mountains and in the caves among granite rocks. Rocks and trees are their best friends now. »Even snakes with whom they share the caves« said Nagua, director of NRRDO and most brave and beautifull woman on earth last week,. »Yes, when you are lying down on your face in the holle you can be friend even with snake…«

They have nowhere alse to go. They will never give up. They will fight, yes!

This is why many will die toghter with their most inocent and friendly children. They are on the way to be killed and exterminated by ignorance, arogance, hipocrisie … and yes «canibalisem« of »brave new world«.

»We have water« send sms my friend, »and regarding oil – we need oil«

But Nuba still beliewe in us and they still count on us.

»I stayed in town becouse, maybe after bombardement somebody mayd need me.« said dr.John Kanda, Nuba indigeniouss doctor in his seventies and most soft and gentle gentelman.

The pressure is bulding each day closer to July 9. After this date, regime in the capital Khartoom promised to start implementing theire policy of sharia low and no tolerance for ethnic diversities. » Ein land, ain folk, ein fuhrer« politic will be enforced.

They have been capable to survive in the last war with traditional anemy – but they mayd not succide this time. Traditional slave hunters have to many friends now with too many guns. Who are day by day stronger. And friends , reare friends who understand them and respect them are day by day just talking and talking and are day by day weaker.

They can t win against highly sofisticated guns developed for mass destruction. They can not win against chinese made MiGs.

But it is still not to late.

We have to close the sky »from where -instead of god as before – the evil is now comming« said my friend Montaser, one of the Nuba teachers.

Nuba need now, not tomorow, attention of all still sensitiv world. Nuba need video control, sort of video survelance, which is protecting banks, insurance companies, children gardens against criminals in our part of the world. Cammon champions of human rights join togheter against the criminal gang suported by oil hunters from east, west, north and south... Withnout you who know what is happening nothing will be done. Nuba need more cameras, more lap tops, more portable satelite internet modems.

So you will see ... what the evil forces are trying to hide.

Common people it is the Year 2011 ... and we are all on test ...

Tomo Križnar

9. July 2011


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