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EYES AND EARS OF GOD - Video surveillance of Sudan

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Eyes and ears of god min

"Eyes and Ears of God – Video surveillance of Sudan" is an eyewitness account by publicist and activist Tomo Križnar from 1979 to 2012 of the secret exterminations of African natives from the areas of Sudan, rich in natural resources: The Nuba Mountains, Darfur, Abyei and Blue Nile. The film is a personal account of what one man can do with the help of like-minded people and friends, who still believe in the power of active commitment and refuse to give in to conformism. The film bears witness to the power of cameras, which can be more potent weapons than Kalashnikovs, and footage that gives the International Criminal Court in the Hague proof of the genocide over the peoples in Sudan.

This is a story of the suffering Sudanese, defending their own lives with cameras, computers and satellite modems, and bearing witness to their plight. Forgotten by the world's politics, media and humanitarian organisations, they are begging the "civilized" world to help them.

The documentary "Eyes and Ears of God" also tells the story of the birth of independent South Sudan and how its secession from Sudan brought about new wars between strategic interests of the world's powers and both Sudans.

From 2009 to 2012, Tomo Križnar, Suleiman Jamous, the humanitarian co-ordinator of the Darfur rebels, and Klemen Mihelič, the founder of humanitarian organisation H.O.P.E., have distributed over 400 cameras to volunteers across the war zones in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur. "Eyes and Ears of God" documents the effects of this initiative.

Full-length documentary, 95 minutes, Slovenian and English versions, HDCAM

Production: Foundation of Tomo Križnar in co-production with Bela Film, RTV Slovenija, Studio Arkadena and with financial help of the Audiovisual Fund, Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia

Executive producer: Živa Ozmec
Producer: Tomo Križnar
Written and directed by: Tomo Križnar, Maja Weiss
Camera: Tomo Križnar and 400 volunteers in Sudan
Editing: Svetlana Dramlič
Original music: Igor Leonardi

Length format: 95 min
Production format: DV, PAL, NTSC, HD (16:9)
Screening format: HD
Languages: Slovenian, English, Arabic, Zaghawa, Fur, Nuba, Komo, Ganza …
Production year: 2012


DAR FUR - War for Water

Dar Fur – War for Water is about a mission, that Tomo Križnar, a human rights activist and (former) Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek's special emissary in Darfur, made.

While Kriznar presents Slovenian peace initiative to various fractions of Sudanese Liberation Army, he films on camera very emotional and priceless talks with main rebel leaders and with civilians. This is the first film about Darfur, which enables the rest of the World to have an insight into mentality of the rebels in Darfur and events, that took place there from February to June 2006. The documentary gives us the answer, why the peace, which was signed in Abudja in Nigeria between the Sudanese governement and the only signatory on the other side, self-proclaimed SLA leader, Minni Minawi, was obviously just a political charade, which still goes on today.

This documentary tells and shows with strong argumentation, that war in Darfur is not merely a war of people in Darfur against insignificance of Sudan and against arabic greed for petroleum and natural resources, but it is above all - due to climatic changes - war for water.

The richest springs of water are found in Djebel Mara in Darfur, where the Furs live (Dar Fur means home of the Fur), who are the biggest victims of this war, indeed.

By showing shocking statements of women, who were raped and with the shots of military actions and dead people, this documentary points out that big World politics is to be blamed.

It tells us about Slovenian president's unsuccessful initiative. He was stopped by Condolezza Rice's, United States Secretary of State, threatening letter in which she suggested, that small Slovenia should not interfere with big politics.

This film narrates about Tomo Kriznar's boldness. In the film he also offers a solution, which he finds on the peak of Djebel Mara Mountains, and at foot of this mountains Bin Laden's Al Kaida troops are being trained.

You will find out what kind of solution he found, when you see the documentary.

Written & directed by: Tomo Križnar & Maja Weiss
Camera: Tomo Križnar
Editing: Peter Braatz
Maintenance and re-editing: Jurij Moškon
Music: Chris Eckman
Sound design: Julij Zornik, Johanna Herr
Author of the song "Jebel Marra:'' Tomaž Pengov

Production: BELA FILM
Producer: Ida Weiss
In co-production with: Tomo Križnar, RTV Slovenija – documentary program, commissioning Editor: Živa Emeršič, Taris film, Nemčija
Financal support: Filmski sklad republike Slovenije

Lenght: 89 min.
Production Format: DV, PAL, 4:3
Screening Format: 35mm, Dolby Digital
Languages: Slovenian, English, Arabic, Zaghawa, Fur
Filmed in Darfur in 2006; year of production: 2008

DVD Dar Fur - War for Water has been officially released.
The price for one DVD is 9,18 EUR + shipment costs
For more information, and to order your copy go to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NUBA: Voices from the other side


The Nuba Mountains have been subject to a cease-fire since 2002, and this has been incorporated into the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. International personnel have participated in a peace-monitoring mission since 2002. The book and films were made before that therefore they don't represent the current situation.

Imagine 250.000 Indinans or Aboriginals under siege, being displaced from their homeland into concentration camps and all rebellion systematicaly exterminated. Would the world protest?

Today, in the year 2001, with the secret collaboration of the Arab, Asian, European and American oil - hunters, the fundamentalist Islamic government of the Sudan is, by preconceived plan exterminating one of the most innocent of all African peoples, and the world is silent.

Once upon a time the reason was gold, slavery, or good land. Today it is oil.

"Nuba, voices from the other side", is a documentary film about a humanitarian mission that dared to enter the central Sudanise province of Kordofan. To be among victims, on the altar the world has designated for human sacrifice.

May 2001
54 min
Camera: Tomo Križnar
Editing and realization: Zvone Judež
Screenplay: Tomo Križnar in Zvone Judež
Music: Nuba
Additional music: Aldo Kumar
Distribution: Tomo Križnar
Production company: RTV Slovenija


NUBA: Pure People

The Nuba Mountains have been subject to a cease-fire since 2002, and this has been incorporated into the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. International personnel have participated in a peace-monitoring mission since 2002. The book and films were made before that therefore they don't represent the current situation.

During his first visit to the Nuba mountains in 1980, Tomo Križnar encountered the healthiest and most satisfied people. He called them pure people.

After nineteen years and two million casualties of the Sudan civil war, Tomo smuggles his way through the besieged areas on a bicycle and crosses the border between the supervised and unsupervised planet, capturing on video the scenes of one of the most brutal genocides in the world, yet ignored by politicians world-wide.

Save the Nubians, save ourselves!

"The Nuba people, ninety-nine black African tribes living in the Nuba Mountains situated in the Sudanese province of South Kordofan, have been besieged by the regular Sudanese Army for fifteen years. The genocide perpetrated on the Nuba people, obviously the result of the world powers’ struggle over Sudanese natural riches, remains concealed from the world public: no observers, reporters or even members of humanitarian organisations are allowed into the Nuba Mountains, the most inaccessible place on the planet."

"I crossed into the Sudan in the north, at Wadi Halfa, and followed the Nile upstream through the desert Nubia, all the time searching for the remains of the Nubian culture, according to some theories related to the Nuba people in the Nuba Mountains. Every night I was put up under a different hospitable roof, directly tasting human hearts and minds. A great majority of the Sudanese in the north are unhappy with the current government and cannot identify themselves with the Arabic Islamic fundamentalism; they are pious, spiritual rather than materialistic people interested mostly in love."

For more detailed synopsis of the book and documentary film: NUBA, Pure People click here.


  • 12th International Mountain + Adventure Film Festival Graz, Graz, Austria, November 2000: "Camera Alpin in Gold" award
  • 4th International Ethnic TV festival "At home" in Krakow, Poland, October 2000
  • 3rd festival of Slovenian film, 2000, Portorož, Slovenia: Best TV animated or documentary film


  • 3rd Oxford International Documentary Film Festival, Oxford, UK, October 2005
  • 12th International Mountain + Adventure Film Festival Graz, Graz, Austria, November 2000
  • 4th International Ethnic TV festival "At home" in Krakow, Poland, October 2000
  • The Rory Peck Award, London, UK, October 2000

62 min
Director: Tomo Križnar, Maja Weiss
Screenplay: Tomo Križnar, Maja Weiss
Cinematography: Tomo Križnar
Music: Nuba
Editing: Zvone Judež
Sound: Tomo Križnar
Sound Editing: Igor Laloš
Production company: BELA FILM
Coproducer: RTV Slovenija



Tomo Križnar filmed and directed Lonely Paths. This was his first documentary. Film describes his meeting with Australian Aborigines.




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